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Our Brand Refresh

A lesson on why brands matter and how we got the best out of ours.

We are proud to introduce the result of a recent collaboration between 23 Design and ALLVP. Together we designed a new visual identity that marks the next stage of our legacy as an active venture capital firm at the heart of Mexico’s entrepreneurial ecosystem. Our new logo celebrates our past, present and exciting future and better reflects the fund’s brand and ambitions.

ALLVP’s new brand journey started with a casual conversation with my partner Fernando.

With over half of our second fund’s capital deployed, we stopped for a second to reflect on ALLVP’s massive transformation since launching in 2011. Our values, ambitions and investment thesis have remained relatively the same yet our relationship with the Founders and community we are backing have evolved substantially. As the Latin American startup ecosystem has matured, we too have strengthened our conviction to build a collaborative community and founder friendly investment culture, by learning from our mistakes, and taking inspiration from a constant interaction with Silicon Valley.

We felt very different from the founding partners we were five years ago, but it was still unclear to us how exactly.

In light of this subtle, yet pivotal landmark in ALLVP’s history we decided to hire a firm that was capable of understanding our story and crafting the right visual elements to communicate with our audience. Now, we just had to figure out who. So we turned to our portfolio companies and decided to follow their lead. At that point, the founders of Petsy, Enlight and Nubity had already collaborated with an up-and-coming design firm called 23 Design. Not only did we know they were fit for the job, but we knew both partners from several years back. Like a group of friends reuniting from a previous walk of life, we got together and started a conversation about the past, present and future of ALLVP.

We soon realized we were getting much more than a new visual identity. Their methodology helped us rediscover our core values of imagination, tough love, discipline and performance.

In truth, 23 Design are not your traditional marketing agency. In our first meeting, we warned them not to touch our trademark pink salmon color palette; anything else they could change. A couple of weeks later when they introduced the new identity, they presented a slide with an upside down salmon: “The salmon is dead”–they said — as we all laughed and celebrated the decision of introducing a brighter and stronger color that better reflected what we truly believe in.



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